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Quantum is a company that exists to tell stories. Quantum is the scientific term for the amount of any physical entity. Our main purpose is to show how science influences art. This is illustrated in many ways in our work.


Quantum is a production company that works on advertisement and elite videos. Quantum has a diversification strategy and works with various segments of the population, connecting with different genders and ages. Our clients come from across the spectrum; we work with startups to build their social media presence as well as elite clients who come from around the world. Our post house boomed and is still booming. 


We aim to develop our employees by giving them the space they need to develop their skills. By dedicating their time learning and improving something they love.


At the core of our company values is our spirit as a self-taught regiment driven by a passion for science and exploration of all that is experimental and new. We strive to work transparently with our customers showing them down to the smallest detail. We want to give them the best product and we make every effort to achieve a high level of satisfaction. Word of mouth is gold in this industry, and we work hard to achieve a high level of respect among our collaborators and our competitors.




Mission statement

We provide artistic videos that mix with science to produce hits.

We aim to make what most people think is impossible possible while sharing a story. We provide not only the technical aspects of the job - filming and editing, but we are producers at heart and will travel untold kilometers just to capture something special for the client, and to transform their idea into a unique experience for the end user. In our ads we try to make videos that emotionally connect with the end user, making him relate and maybe even laugh or cry.

Our services are unique as Quantum has an in-house crew and we rarely need to outsource. But if a client needs only a specific service from Quantum instead of a complete package, we provide this also by giving them a directing team, a creative team or a production team. Our close team makes us distinct, as our chemistry and willingness to work for each other unconditionally would be hard for any competitor to beat. 

Our history


Quantum has a similar history to Steve Jobs working out of his parent’s garage. We are a group of friends who started with a camera and a desire to make videos. In the beginning a lot of the expenses were paid out of our pockets. We wanted experience and had a need to create. Our hard work and persistence paid off as we began to attract more clients with grander visions and bigger budgets. As Quantum grew, we filed official papers and moved into our own offices.

Awards and recognition

  • Prague international film festival

  • Best director award New York

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